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A Good Job Demands a Superb Resume That Satisfies HR and Interviewers

It is not an easy task to create a curriculum vitae, but a good job demands a superb resume that satisfies HR and interviewers.

Below we are visiting to explain the way to make a superb resume.

Here may be a small catalog for everybody to read:

1. The first impression paragraph 1/3 of gold

2. Basic information

3. Self-evaluation

4. Educational background

5. Work experience

6. The way to fill within the optional items on the resume (vocational skills, qualification certificates, competition award experience, school experience, resume cover, portfolio and project experience, hobbies)

7. Length of resume

Let's take a look at these basic modules in the resume, and what should we pay attention to?

01.The first impression paragraph 1/3 of gold

We know that people reading habits are from left to right and top to bottom, so the first third of the resume is important and determines whether HR continues to read the resume.

Therefore, it is important things must be put up. Through the first third of our resume, HR quickly knows who we are and can attract him to continue reading.

02. Basic information

1. Name and gender are required

2.Accurate mobile number, official email address

3️. Beautiful ID photo or professional photo

4️. Clear job search intention

5️. If there is a special requirement; don't fill in information like height and weight

Here we are going to target information like email address and ID photo, yet as height and weight.

After all, we are trying to find employment, and that we can place on a passport photo or professional photo to spotlight our importance to the present job. Some state-owned enterprises and institutions may ask us to supply information like legal status, political outlook, ethnicity, and native place.

03. Self-evaluation

A good self-evaluation can have the effect of advertising slogans and make HR impress you more deeply.

  • We have a transparent plan for the longer term (job-seeking intention)

  • We are competent for this position (job-related skills)

  • Compared with other job seekers, we've got unique advantages (highlights of experience)


Educational background is a required item in the resume, including the name of the school, study time, major and academic qualifications other than this, we can put our educational background back and use our other aspects to attract and impress interviewers, or just look for opportunities to improve.

05. Work experience

There are many names for this module. Some people call it a personal introduction, while others call it a personal summary because English resumes are usually Summary or Personal Summary.

06. Optional items

About school experience (including clubs, student unions, and social practices)

If you are still a fresh graduate with relatively little work and internship experience, the school experience is good to supplement your resume.

About project experience

If you can write clearly in your work experience, do not take up extra space on your resume.

About competition experience/awarding experience. Reflect your ability to match the position you are applying for or other excellent quality, as a supplement to the content of your resume.

We have won some awards in school and work, but because there are too many different kinds of awards, we should emphasize the level and particularity of awards when we fill in the award experience.

The purpose of the description in brackets is to let HR and future bosses know the gold content of this scholarship.

About qualifications

There are not many certifications and certificates related to the profession or the position applied for, and some are even basic requirements.

About professional skills

For skills recognized by the industry, it's recommended to use the words beginner, general, master, proficient. To make it easier for HR to understand your ability level.

About hobbies

In addition to work, what are your strengths can be written down if it is helpful to our establishment.

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