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How to Design a Professional Resume


Most recruiters only have a few seconds to shortlist or reject your resume. You should design your resume professionally to make the best impact on them. You can follow the below-mentioned tips to design a professional resume:

Use Simple Formatting

You should use basic and simple formatting in your resume. It is best to use universally acceptable fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Sans Sheriff, Calibri, etc. Ensure the font is not too small or large as it may look unprofessional. Use a font size between 10 to 12. You should use standard margins to make your resume visually organized. If you are sending a hard copy of your resume, then always use white paper for printing as colored paper can be distracting.

Proofread Thoroughly

Resumes that are grammatically incorrect or have wrong contact information should be avoided at all costs. Recruiters will most likely screen your resume and not process your application further. You should proofread your resume thoroughly before submitting it. Ensure that there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Check the contact details for correctness and completeness. There is no point in cracking the interview and then becoming untraceable due to wrong or incomplete contact details. If you find it difficult to make a high-quality resume, then hire top-rated resume writing services in 2020 to help with the same.

Use Columns

Recruiters are bombarded with resumes and content. A typical recruiter will only have about 6 seconds to assess your resume. You must make your resume content skimmable to help the recruiter skim through it better. Consider using columns for presenting more content without cluttering your resume. It also helps to limit your resume to one page and multiple page resumes are not preferred by many recruiters. You can also use colors and highlighting in these columns to emphasize the important accomplishments better.

Format the Content

You should format the resume content to make it pleasing and easy to comprehend. The formatting style should be consistent in the resume. If you are using bullets to describe the accomplishments in one job, then use the same formatting for all previous jobs. The bullet type should also be consistent for all accomplishments. Similarly, if the employer name and designation for each job is in bold, then use the same formatting for all previous jobs. Consistent formatting makes your resume user-friendly and more appealing to recruiters. You can hire top-rated resume writing services in 2020 to make high-quality resumes.

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