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How to Make Resumes for Freshers


Preparing high-quality resumes for freshers can be difficult. They have limited work experience and relevant skills to include in the resume. The following tips can help to make professional resumes for freshers:

Neatly Organize the Resume

You should organize your resume neatly in different sections. This makes it easier for the recruiters to skim and evaluate your resume. You should include sections like contact details, summary statement, relevant experience, relevant skills, and certifications, etc. in the resume. It also improves your chances of getting past an applicant tracking system (ATS) used by most recruiters these days. Freshers generally lack the expertise to prepare professional resumes. You should consider hiring professional resume writing services in Houston for the same.

Customize the Resume

Using a generic resume for all job applications is a lazy approach. It does not impress recruiters and they are more likely to screen your resume and not consider it for recruitment. A good approach to designing professional resumes is to read the job description carefully. You should use relevant keywords in your resume that match the job description. This also helps you beat the ATS screening and go into the next phase of recruitment. Freshers should hire professional resume writing services in Houston for getting high-quality resumes. This will also ensure that your resume is free from any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Use a Summary Statement

A summary statement is a must-have for any resume. Recruiters have a lot to process in resumes and select or reject them only in a few seconds. You should do your best to improve your chances of getting shortlisted. Using a strong summary statement helps recruiters to quickly understand your experience, skills, and qualifications. They can make faster and more informed decisions on your resume. You should use relevant keywords in the summary statement that will catch the recruiter’s attention. However, do not use a career objective in your resume as it is not preferred by most recruiters.

Highlight Relevant Experience

Being a fresher does not mean that you will not highlight any experience in the resume. Read the job description carefully and include relevant experience like an internship, volunteering, etc. You can also include educational projects and relevant coursework that are relevant to the job application. It is strongly recommended to highlight the accomplishments instead of just mentioning the responsibilities. Wherever possible, back the accomplishment by hard numbers and statistics.

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