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How to Organize Your Resume


A resume is the first point of contact between you and a recruiter. It should be neatly prepared and organized to make a good impression on the recruiter. You can also hire resume writing services in Los Angeles to get a professional resume. You can organize your resume by including the following sections:

Contact Details

Contact details should be the first section of your resume. Include your contact number, address, and email id to help the recruiter contact you if needed. You should ensure that the contact details provided on the resume are correct. It is also a good practice to provide links for your LinkedIn profile on the resume. It helps the recruiter to get more details about your professional competencies.

Relevant Work Experience

Work experience is one of the most important sections of your resume. It provides an overview of your professional competencies that are relevant to the current job application. Having an impressive work experience section adds weightage to your resume and improves your chances of getting shortlisted. List your jobs in reverse order, starting from the current job. Use bullets to emphasize your accomplishments in each job. You can also add hard numbers if possible, to back your accomplishments. If you find it difficult to make an impressive work experience section, then consider hiring resume writing services in Los Angeles.


Your resume should include educational details starting from the highest qualification. Include the name of the degree, the name of the institute, and the year of passing. Depending on the level of educational attainment, you can leave aside the earlier qualifications from your resume. If you are a post-graduate, then leave out a high school education. If you do not have impressive grades, then it is better not to include them in the resume. Generally, it is best to keep the educational qualification section short to allow more space for other important elements in the resume.

Other Optional Sections

You can also include some optional sections in the resume to add value. If you have relevant training and certifications, then include them. Even if these certifications may not help you bag the job directly, it can differentiate your resume from others. You should spell out the acronyms if any, in these certifications and mention the certifying agency and year of certification.

If you have memberships of any professional bodies, then add it to the resume. You can also consider adding any relevant awards or publications to make your resume stand out.

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