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Today, more than ever, we need to seriously roll up our sleeves and start from the very first steps, namely the preparation of the CV.

How to write curriculum vitae that represents us in the best way.

A sort of photography, in short, that is clear, technically flawless, and capable of representing.

Trying to decontextualize, you have to imagine yourself in front of those revolving displays for postcards, intent on choosing the best ones to send to relatives and loved ones.

How would we like our postcard to be? How could it stand out among the others?

How could we ever be able to generate that spark that makes people shout "choose me"?

Here, this is what a recruiter does.

Metaphorically there is a revolving display of curriculum vitae, largely all identical, created in mimeographed with the same applications and channeled in imposed standards that are not even much appreciated.


When you have no work experience, very easily because you have just finished school, you are faced with the difficulty of writing effective curriculum vitae.

In reality, you can create excellent curriculum vitae even without previous work experience, and for this reason; we have created a specific article on how to write the first resume without experience.


Since we firmly believe that a Winning Curriculum is a real advertising spot of ourselves, we refer to advertising marketing and, in particular, to the theoretical model AIDA, which has always been adopted in advertising campaigns.

By applying, therefore, this model to the drafting of curriculum vitae, we will have to analyze the following aspects to ensure that our product is as effective as possible.


In the first step, we capture the attention of the recruiter.

To succeed in this, we must adopt any expedient that can characterize us and in the right way.

We recommend some caution in choosing colors, especially if the job for which we are applying does not require particular creative flair.

The keyword is "experiment", trying to get out of the shell of homologation.


In the second step, we try to do everything possible to get the recruiter's interest.

How can we do it?

By bringing out, in the first instance, all the requisites required to fill the position offered.

It is worth trying, perhaps keeping a standard CV and a personalized one for the positions that interest us most.


In the third step, we must arouse within the recruiter the will to understand a bit over us.

From this time of view, we've many solutions available.

We always remember that focusing your resume only and exclusively on the course of a study isn't the winning key.

So, allow us to bring out who we are but without cheating and leave the judgment to the selector!


The fourth step, call to action. We may well be the best candidate!

Contact details are essential, which should be verified and updated, always!

A number, a sound email address, and, why not, a private Facebook page (only and exclusively if professionally maintained) are essential elements!

One of the guidelines we give is to submit your resume to a sophisticated Curriculum Analysis to spot any errors and points for improvement to rework a typical resume into a winning curriculum.


One of the effective ways.

The saying is there is no second chance to make an impression.

Knowing how to present yourself in an appropriate and, above all, the targeted way is the key to overcoming the very first selection stages, capturing the recruiter’s attention, and, hopefully, reaching a job interview.

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