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Importance of References in Your Resume


Most recruiters look beyond your resume these days before closing the recruitment process. Professional references play an important role in improving your chances of getting shortlisted. Some of the key aspects of the importance of professional references in your resume are discussed below:

Why Should You Include References?

Recruiters are flooded with resumes for every position they recruit for. They use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to screen and shortlist the resumes. You can get past the ATS by using appropriate keywords and formatting your resume properly. However, to succeed in the interview, you will need more than your resume. Including professional references is a great way to validate what an applicant has mentioned on the resume. Recruiters would want to speak to your past or current employers to verify your accomplishments vis-à-vis- your resume. It also helps them assess if you are a good match with their work culture and ethics. Holding back references can give a negative image to the recruiter that you are hesitant to provide references to your past employers. If you plan to hire resume writing services in Los Angeles, then discuss the references with them beforehand.

How to Choose the Ideal References?

It is important to choose the ideal professional references in your resume. Before adding references to the resume, check to what extent they know about your work, qualification, accomplishments, etc. You should not include references who cannot vouch for your professional competency as it will defeat the purpose of including references in the resume. If you are unsure of the response a reference may give about you, then better not include them. Including your previous or current line manager, co-workers, etc. is a good idea. You should check that the name, designation, and contact details of the references are mentioned correctly. You can discuss with reliable resume writing services in Los Angeles how to choose good professional references for your resume.

Let the References Know Beforehand

You should ensure to inform the references on your resume in advance before including them. They should be aware of your job application as it will help them to speak about your relevant skills and accomplishments. This will also help the references to be ready for the call. If a recruiter is unable to contact your reference timely, then it gives a wrong impression about you. The best references will understand what the recruiter is looking for and will try to project you in a good light.

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