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Mistakes to Avoid in Your Resume


Your resume is the first communication point between you and a recruiter. It must be complete and impressive to improve your chances of bagging a good job. You should avoid the following mistakes in your resume:

Grammatical Errors

The most common and grave mistake to avoid on your resume is grammatical errors. The use of incorrect grammar and spelling mistakes can ruin your chances of getting shortlisted. It is recommended to proofread your resume either by yourself or others to remove such errors. Hiring a professional resume writing service in Los Angeles can help you avoid such basic mistakes.

Missing or Wrong Contact Details

Even the best of resumes will not land you a good job if the contact details are missing or incorrect. Recruiters will be unable to reach you for further process in such cases. Ensure your contact details are correct before sharing the resume. Avoid paste your contact details as an image or add it as a header. Applicant tracking system (ATS) is unable to read such details which can make it difficult for the recruiters to contact you later.

Generic Content

A common mistake most job applicants make is to create a generic resume for all applications. You should spend time to study the job requirements and then customize your resume to present your suitability better. A generic resume only shows to the recruiter that you are too lazy or careless to present your resume properly. This will not allow you to get much further in the recruitment process.

Incorrect Keywords

Most employers use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to screen resumes. You should know which keywords to use and ensure proper formatting to increase your chances of getting shortlisted. It can be challenging for you to develop your resume for getting past the ATS screening. You can hire professional resume writing services in Los Angeles to make a high-quality resume for this purpose.

Highlighting Duties Instead of Achievements

You should mention achievements in your resume and not duties. Avoid listing duties like “attended meetings”, “worked with different stakeholders”, etc. Instead, highlight your accomplishments with quantifiable metrics as far as possible. A potential recruiter does not want to hear about your job description but your accomplishments. This helps them to better determine your suitability for the position they are recruiting. You should also highlight any recognition or awards received during your professional experience. This helps you to make an impact on the recruiter and improve your chances of getting shortlisted.

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