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What Recruiters Want on a Resume?


Recruitment is a challenging job. Recruiters have to screen numerous resumes to shortlist the best among them. You should provide the recruiters what they want in your resume to improve your chances of getting shortlisted. The following are some of the key elements recruiters want on a resume:

A Strong Summary

Recruiters have to go through many resumes and your resume needs to be different to capture their attention. Including a strong summary helps them to quickly comprehend your qualifications, experience, and skills that are relevant to the job. It also makes their job easier to evaluate your application. You must ensure that the summary is not confused with the career objective. Most modern recruiters do not prefer career objectives but look for a strong summary in your resume.

Grammatically Correct Resume

No recruiter wants to go through a resume containing spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It shows that you have not paid attention to finer details before submitting your application. Some recruiters may form a negative view about you and feel that you may come across as casual at the workplace too. You should proofread the resume thoroughly to screen any grammatical errors and ensure it is correct before submitting it. If you are hard-pressed to make a professional resume, then consider hiring a professional resume writing service in Los Angeles.

Hard Numbers and Statistics

Most job applicants generally make claims about being good in their domain. However, it is one thing to list your accomplishments, but another thing backing them with hard numbers. Instead of using generic phrases like “increases sales”, try using “increased sales by 25%”. This will make your resume stand out from others and capture the recruiter’s attention. Statistics are attractive to look at and helps the recruiter form a positive image of you. If you have impressive numbers to substantiate your accomplishments, then be sure to use them.

Customized Resume

A common mistake made by most job applicants is using a generic resume for all vacancies. This does nothing to put your case as a serious applicant. Most recruiters will label you as lazy and look for other better resumes. You should spend time to read the job description and customize your resume to match the employer’s requirements. Using relevant keywords that match with the job description is a good practice that is appreciated by recruiters. You can hire a professional resume writing service in Los Angeles that can customize your resume based on the job description.

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