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We get asked for resume samples all the time, so here are a few…

Screenshot of a professional nursing resume sample from New Resume Today, featuring a clear layout with detailed sections on
Sample resume for a truck driver displayed on New Resume Today, highlighting a structured format with emphasis on driving exp
Preview of a security guard resume sample on New Resume Today, showcasing a strong profile with focus on security expertise,
Image of a hospitality resume example from New Resume Today, illustrating a well-organized format that emphasizes customer se

...none of them are actually ours. As a matter of fact, I just copied them from a Google search for “Resume Samples”. Why don’t we offer samples? There are a few reasons, so I’ve compiled them here to save you time:


The first is that resume writing is now plagued with people thinking it’s some kind of get-rich-quick scheme and using our samples as templates. This causes a lot of problems for everyone. I can’t tell you how many times a day a client says that someone else  charged them a fortune of money for a useless document. It’s very disheartening. 


The second is that as trends change, the styles change. All of the above styles are outdated. We do use a stock template, but from an excellent and reliable source of ATS friendly templates. If you were to search for “ATS compliant templates”, I’m sure you’d find some of the very same templates we use. What you do with those templates is a different matter entirely. 


The third is that not all clients needs are the same. Some people want to tell us how to write their resume for them, oblivious to the fact that their judgement thus far has kept them unemployed. It’s a very delicate balance between taking the client’s career path and reconciling how they think they should present themselves with how they should actually be presenting themselves. By not offering samples, we filter out candidates who don’t really want our help.


Our reviews speak for themselves. We keep those reviews excellent by only taking on clients who really want our help. 


Hopefully this clears up any confusion, and we look forward to working with you!

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