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What We Do

In a highly competitive job market, standing out from the rest matters. Whether you are professional, manager or an executive, your resume narrates a story about your skills, talents, expertise as well as passion.

The team at New Resume Today is highly skilled in writing resumes for all industry verticals. We have a proven success record helping candidates land interviews and the job they want. We offer all job seekers professional resume writing services, cover letter writing, and on-phone expert consultation service to prepare candidates for the interviews. All the expert services we offer are affordable.

We write ATS friendly resumes and offer guides and templates and genuinely care about your career outcomes. We partner with you on your job search, following up and providing ongoing support. With New Resume Today, you will not feel like you are on your own in your job search.


Resume Writing

Your resume tells a lot about you and should be perfectly written to entice the recruiter. So, if you would like an updated resume that is ATS compliant and engaging to read, then partner with New Resume Today. Our certified resume writers help you earn more career opportunities and guarantee more job interviews with expertly written and tailored resumes. We add your personality to resume, coupled with eye-catching, modern, crisp design, enabling an employer to get a better sense of who you are. Our resumes pass the recruiter’s 6-second review as well. Partner with us for your resume writing today.

· ATS Complaint

· First Class Design

· Passes 6-second Review

Cover Letters

A tailored cover letter can make the difference between getting an interview and getting passed over for someone else. Hiring managers are flooded with numerous resumes for an opening and have no time to closely examine each resume. Cover letters introduce you to the hiring manager briefly while increasing your chance of landing an interview by 40%. The cover letter is a brief one-page opening that our experts align outlining your skills, qualifications, experience and availability to show that you are the best candidate. Our written cover letters entice the recruiter to read your resume.

· Quality Cover Letters

· Affordable Price

· Expertly Written

Interview Preparation

Ever wondered why you land an interview, it goes well, but you do not get the job? Often qualifications often land the interview, but completing a successful meeting requires more than just having the right skills for the job. Whether your interview skills are good, it’s not something you enjoy, or for reasons you’re unaware of your interviews are not landing you the job, Digitech 360 can help. Our experts look at the position description, then create a list of potential, experience-based questions. Our experts also eliminate any anxieties you may have regarding the interview, discuss the desired appearance, body language, and provide tips to impress the interview panel.Let us help you prepare for your interview. Our interview preparation includes a 15-minute phone, Zoom, Skype consultation with one of our interview experts.

· One-On-One Session

· Interview Tips

· Mock Interview

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