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Benefits of a Cover Letter

Introduction: What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a one-page document that is annexed with your resume while making job applications. It helps you highlight your relevant professional achievements and emphasize your suitability for the job. You must always submit a good cover letter with your resume to improve your chances of getting shortlisted. The following are some of the key benefits of submitting a cover letter:

Projects You as a Serious Applicant

Submitting a cover letter is not mandatory for most job openings. This is a major reason why most applicants do not submit it with their resume. This can be perceived as lazy by recruiters. Preparing a good cover letter needs time and interest on your part. You will need to go through the job description and understand it correctly to make a good cover letter. Submitting a cover letter shows to the recruiters that you have invested time in understanding the job requirements. It projects you as a serious applicant. Just because most applicants will not submit a cover letter, it is reason enough for you to submit it along with your resume. You can hire a professional resume writing service in Los Angeles to develop a high-quality cover letter.

Personal Connect with the Recruiter

Your resume is a factual document while the cover letter is more personal. It allows you to present your professional journey in a more personal manner. You can emphasize what makes you suitable for the job. It helps you define yourself and the core values that you can bring to the organization. Resumes mostly use fragmented statements in the form of bullets. A cover letter is a platform for you to showcase your writing abilities. Recruiters prefer applicants who can communicate concisely.

Demonstrates Your Strengths

Your resume is a summarized statement of your professional achievements. You may have to edit some achievements to keep the resume crisp. A cover letter helps to complement your resume. You can be descriptive and highlight the key achievements and skills relevant to the job. If you are unsure of preparing a good cover letter, then hire a professional resume writing service in Los Angeles.

Helps Emphasize Referrals

You may have been referred by an individual or organization for the job opening. A cover letter lets you emphasize the referral and explain how and why you were referred. It can add weight to your application if you can highlight how you met your referral and what inspired them to refer you.

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