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How to Beat the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?


ATS is a software that automates the hiring process by screening resumes. They make the process of assessing and shortlisting candidates faster and more efficient. You should consider the following tips for beating the ATS:

Use Suitable Keywords

Using suitable keywords is an integral part of beating the ATS. You should take the time to read the job description and use relevant keywords that match it. The ATS is designed to read your resume and determine its suitability for the job description by looking at the best match. This also means that you should not use a generic resume to apply for different jobs. Your resume should be customized to include the relevant keywords for each job. This will improve your chances of getting past the ATS and project you as a serious applicant to the recruiter.

Ensure Proper Formatting

You must use proper formatting in your resume. It is best to use universally accepted fonts like Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial, etc. Avoid using charts or graphical elements and stick to bullet points. You can use bold or underline formatting to draw attention to specific elements. You should also avoid using headers or footers as they may be missed by the ATS. Keeping your resume simple is a good way of getting past the ATS screening. You can discuss the same with top-rated resume writing services in 2020 to ensure your resume can beat the ATS.

Avoid Using Acronyms

Your resume should be as simple and user-friendly as possible to improve your chances of getting past the ATS. It is better not to take chances by using any acronyms. It is likely to read long phrases better than acronyms. ATS generally will not differentiate between acronyms or company names. You should use the full form of acronyms in your resume.

Check Spellings and Grammar

Your resume should be grammatically correct irrespective of whether it will be subject to ATS screening or not. ATS will immediately screen all resumes with typos and grammatical errors. A recruiter can comprehend the mistake and makes sense of it but an ATS will be unable to understand any grammatical errors. Even if you have the ideal credentials for the job, you will not go far with grammatical errors in your resume. If you lack the time to prepare a good resume, then consider hiring top-rated resume writing services in 2020 to do the job for you.

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